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Meet Jackie!

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Jackie was born to be a self advocate but she just didn’t know it! Diagnosed with various labels, including autism, she was included throughout school and earned her Associates Degree in Arts and Culture from Sierra College in 2016.


She also has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. She’s been living independently with Supported Living Services since 2007. Jackie works as an Office Specialist at her local utility company as well as doing speaking engagements.


Her topics include “Inclusion”, “Transitioning Out Of The School District”, “Working In The Community vs Sheltered Employment”, and “How To Become Integrated In Your Community While Having Fun”. Jackie is available in person, or through video conferencing and telecommunication platforms.

Jackie, when not speaking publicly, works part time at SMUD and volunteers at an organization called A Touch of Understanding. A Touch of Understanding works with youth in schools. 

Jackie Armstrong

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