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I've had the pleasure of hearing Jackie give many presentations, on topics as varied as employment, special education, supported living, Home and Community Based Services, bullying, relationships, managing staff, and self advocacy.  These presentations have occured in small group settings, conference breakout sessions, and even as the keynote speaker at a statewide conference.


Jackie is a skilled writer, presenter, and storyteller.  As she tells her personal experiences of overcoming challenges, Jackie weaves insightful observations into her stories.  She makes it easy for her audiences to relate to her message and to think about their own journeys.  Jackie's presentations are skillfully crafted.  Her presentations are thought-provoking and impactful, whether the audience is made up of self advocates, family members, or service providers.   Jackie connects with her audiences because of her infectious enthusiasm for sharing her experiences.



“Jackie is a skilled speaker on a variety of topics that relate to her personal experience. She is comfortable sharing her own story and does so with poise, grace, confidence, and a positive attitude. She enjoys sharing so she can inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams. She has presented from 5 minutes to 60 minutes depending on what is asked of her. She is reliable and great to work with. Go Jackie!”


Sonya Bingaman, State Council on Developmental Disabilities Sacramento Regional Manager

Cindy Ruder, MSW

Self Advocacy Chapter Coordinator

Supported Life Institute

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